Going Into Turner Fellowship

Welcome! My name is Mc Hagan, and I will be a senior at Franklin Road Academy this upcoming year. Outside of class, I play soccer and lacrosse, and I participate in basketball cheer. This summer I have been given the opportunity to participate in FRA’s Turner Fellowship program. This program selects 10 students and pairs them with a nonprofit organization. I have been paired with Preston Taylor Ministries (PTM). During the summer, there are three locations, teaching numerous students through reading, STEM, and bible rotations as well as through field trips and other activities. PTM’s mission is to “empower children and youth to discover and live their God-inspired dreams, develop a love for learning, and build joy-filled friendships that glorify Christ Jesus.”

After meeting with the directors at PTM I have figured out how well FRA did with pairing me. I am a person who constantly seeks out new knowledge and I love to learn. I also desire to gain as much as I can from new experiences and grow as a person. After meeting with the directors and other interns, I vaguely found out what I am going to be doing this summer. In the mornings my major role is to assist students throughout their rotations, make sure each student gets a full meal, and oversee and train the volunteers. I will also be aiding in enrichment camp in the afternoons. The weeks are filled with field trips which will require making sure the students are all safe and managing behavior. Considering I am the second oldest of 5, I am excited to see how much being an older sister has impacted my abilities to interact with younger kids. I am so incredibly thankful for being able to participate in this program and so thankful for PTM for welcoming me with open arms. I am so excited for this summer and all that it will bring.